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Do’s and Don’ts for improving your TripAdvisor Ranking

By September 1, 2018

For any business owner, the health of the business is determined by the reviews it gets on any platform. Similarly, for the Hoteliers, TripAdvisor is the place where they are ranked among their competitors and their quality is measured based on the reviews they get on this platform. TripAdvisor is now much bigger than just an online guide to area attractions. It’s now being tagged as the “largest travel site in the world,” it dominates search results and user ratings for over 7.3 million hotels, restaurants, and activities around the world. Hotels who have got a Direct Booking Engine for Hotels integrated into their websites will definitely need these reviews in order to generate more business.

reviiews in tripadvisor

Basically, if you have to get it right for your hotel business, then you have to get it right on TripAdvisor.
Here is a list of some Do’s and Don’ts which you should take care of if you have to score big on TripAdvisor and gain that much-needed growth momentum in your hotel business.


These are the things which you must rigorously do to see yourselves among the top players on trip advisers.

Get familiarized with the rules.

The most important thing before ranking yourselves on a review platform is to know the standard rules and the minimum coverage that it requires to allow a review to be noted down. TripAdvisor also has some of its own ground rules for a review to be passed. These are some of the areas which should be covered as far as the reviews are concerned before it has to get authenticated by TripAdvisor.

–    The review should be in easy words describing the facilities and the various amenities provided.

–    Catering to the needs of the travellers.

–    It should be unbiased

–    It should be original content.

–    Should be non-commercial so as to not promoting any personal stuff.

–    Last but not the least, the hotel should be listed on TripAdvisor.

Take the negative reviews into your own stride.

Some properties try to avoid negative reviews just because it says something bad about them. Responding to them will make you a better player in the market. Though it does not imply an improvement in ranking on TripAdvisor it surely does attract more eyeballs, so more bookings and more potential reviews.

Responding to these reviews also opens up new avenues for you to improve the services that you provide and help you in improving your customer integration and shows a different aspect to your business.
Because it’s always the negatives that help us grow.

Use the Smart Tool – Review Express

This smart tool which goes by the name of Review Express by TripAdvisor. It’s a free review request platform with which you can contact your past customers for reviews. With Review Express, you can quickly upload a customer database of up to 1,000 email addresses and send customized messages that guide readers to leave a review.

But there are some restrictions that come with it.
– All customers must be real customers. Don’t use it for attracting potential guests.
– Unbiased selection of e-mail addresses so as to not target only those who will drop only a positive review. You have to send to every faction.

Last but not the least – Improve your Offline activities to see a positive Online review

Coming to this, this is, by the way, the USP to achieve positive reviews online. Effective services and amenities will definitely bring up attractive reviews on TripAdvisor.

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These are the most dreaded things to do when getting a review up on TripAdvisor. Never ever try to do these otherwise you will lose out on some important marks which you could have achieved easily.

Don’t try to generate fake reviews

As it is the human tendency to climb up the ladders by hook or by crook, many hoteliers end up generating fake reviews for their hotels in order to rank themselves among the higher order.
TripAdvisor being zero tolerant against these kinds of activity has a fraud policy in place which applies to “any attempt to mislead, influence or impersonate a traveller”. It can result in serious damage to a hotel’s reputation. In addition to obvious offences like persuading others to write fake reviews, or preventing real customers from leaving negative reviews, there are other negative strategies that TripAdvisor will definitely punish.
So better not do this or face the consequences.

Incentives in return for Reviews

Don’t ever try to do this. This is as grievous as bribing a government official for work to get done. TripAdvisor will penalize you heavily if it gets to know any such kind of activity. Some smart business tricks which have come up in recent times are like entering guests into a prize drawing if they leave a review, or offering gift cards and upgrades in exchange for reviews.
These things should be avoided to avoid a bad name or the business.

Not updating your page

This is a very bad thing to do in the age of digitization where everything belongs to the internet and is controlled by it. Put your best put forward while doing things. You should concentrate on things such as:

–    An accurate business location along with correct contact details.

–    A pin on the TripAdvisor Map.

–    Recent, high-quality photos.

These things will attract more and more customers and thus help you in increasing your review and in the process, you witness a rise in your TripAdvisor ranking.

So, it boils down to how you go about this and generate the best reviews on TripAdvisor and get a good rank. TripAdvisor review can also be shown on your chatbots if you have got one installed on your site. Chatbot for Hotels will help you show your TripAdvisor review on your site and help you attract customers.

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