How can smartphones change the way your guests interact with the Hotel?

By September 10, 2018

In the Hotel Industry guest interaction is the most vital part. It is this that will help you make a mark in the industry. With this, you will be able to meet the demands of your guests and satisfy them in the most efficient way possible. Guest satisfaction is the most important thing in the industry if you are failing at this you simply failing in the vertical.

You may have installed Direct Booking Engine for Hotels on your website for easy booking or integrated a Chatbot for Hotel for ease of interaction, but it all boils down to how to act from the time that guest checks in and to the time that he checks out.

When we talk about guest interaction what comes to our mind?

Providing rooms according to their need, efficient house service and effective add-ons to their stay. But we sometimes fail on these things due to the lack of staff support and hence lose our guests. In a Hotel Business all that matters, is how you convert your one-time guest into regular guests.

Well, in the age of millennials we have a solution to these which will be a bit of an easy task for you hoteliers in getting their task done more efficiently. It is the thing called smartphones which is a must-have device for anybody which is driven by amazing technology which can truly transform the hotel business. And this smartphone can work wonders when it comes to guest interaction.

Hotel Business is basically a service based industry. The services can be delivered better if you integrate them with technology. It makes them easier for them to get delivered and that too in an efficient manner. Let’s take a look at what changes a smartphone will bring in when you integrate it with your hotel business.

- Booking Process

In this age of digitization and everything is available at your fingertips, this is the best thing to have happened to the Hotel Industry.

You are getting a customer from the device that they use the most. Now they are just a touch away.

With OTAs emerging and already having made their mark in this thriving market segment, online booking is booming. According to reports around 70% of the Hotels, bookings are done online.

So, it’s a thriving market with a lot of stakes and now with the advancement of Direct Booking, this segment has become more lively and this will definitely help in the surge in your revenues which will give a huge boost to your business.

- One touch Check-in along with locking and unlocking

Well, we spoke of technology changing the entire Hotel Industry, it’s about the huge transformation that it has brought about in the kind of services that it is providing to its guest.

Checking into a hotel is not an arduous task but it is when the reception is busy with some other work and you have to get in urgently without any delay. This way it happens faster and you create a good impression in front of your guest. Though you are left with limited options for fulfilling your guest’s need as in this matter you don’t interact with your guest. But it’s the experience that matters the most which you are able to give to your guest.

Along with easy check-in, another thing that comes in is locking and unlocking your door with the help of your mobile. This provides a fast and lucid way to go through things once you are in the Hotel. However, it can be a costly affair for the hoteliers to install these kinds of features but since this is the future of the Hotel Industry, it will definitely be a profitable investment.

- Automated Rooms and Services

This was once a feature in luxury hotels but since the advancement of technologies has taken over all sectors, this will be a common feature in all hotels.

Your guest will love when they will have things going their way in the simplest manner possible. Room automation will help them control everything from the app that they have got with them. Television, air conditioners, lights and even the curtains could be controlled from the single app that they have got.

Basically, you can personalize the in-room services from the single app that you have got.

- Automated Housekeeping for Efficient Housekeeping

Housekeeping notifications can be sent to the person concerned so that you save time. It will be a fully automated system wherein the notification will only go to the person who is not engaged. This will save a lot of time.

The people concerned with this will also get a notification whether the room they are going into is occupied or not and which room has to be arranged immediately.

This makes house-keeping personnel available around the clock and makes way for an efficient service while saving time.


Thus, we saw how smartphones can revolutionize the entire industry because it’s the touch that matters. So get yourselves a Smart App for Hotels and see your growing popularity among your guests.

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