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Booking Engine

Maximize direct bookings on your website to lower guest acquisition expenses and elevate profitability.

  • Increase Direct Bookings
  • Optimize the guest journey
  • Zero Commission fees
Client management

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with Channel Manager

Elevate your hotel's presence across all channels with the industry's pinnacle channel manager, integrated into the world's premier hospitality commerce platform.

  • Improve brand visibility
  • Automate Room Distribution
  • Real-Time Updates
Inventory management

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Aspire to new heights with Bookingjini. Expand your operations, amplify your profits, and treat guests to extraordinary experiences.

  • Optimize Hotel Operations
  • Improve Guest Experience
  • Seamless Access
Client management

Unlock the Power of Personalization

Say goodbye to disjointed guest data and hello to a centralized hub of information.

  • Improve brand visibility
  • Automate guest delight
  • Control guest data

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Innovative Rewards: Unique Perks of Hotel Loyalty Programs

In an increasingly competitive hospitality landscape, hotel loyalty programs play a crucial role in fostering guest loyalty and driving repeat business. To stand out in a crowded market, hotels are continually innovating their loyalty programs, offering unique perks and benefits to attract and retain loyal patrons. By leveraging hotel software programs, these innovative rewards are […]

How to Leverage Hotel Rewards for Free Stays and Upgrades

Hotel rewards programs offer travelers the opportunity to enjoy complimentary stays, room upgrades, and exclusive perks in exchange for their loyalty. By strategically leveraging these rewards and harnessing the capabilities of hotel software, guests can maximize their benefits and enhance their overall travel experience. In this article, we’ll explore effective strategies for unlocking free stays […]

Embracing Local Art and Culture: The Impact on Hotel Partnerships

In the hospitality industry, hotels are increasingly recognizing the value of incorporating local art and culture into their guest experience. From showcasing regional artwork to hosting cultural events, hotels are forming partnerships with local artists, galleries, and cultural institutions to create unique and authentic experiences for their guests. In this article, we explore the impact […]

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Bookingjini team is really doing a great job. They are always ready to help us out with any issue. Their softwares are very easy and handy.

Himalayan Retreat

Himalayan Retreat

Every step of the way they provided helpful advice, recommended strategies to ensure our website was optimally set up, and made sure every element was clear and concise.

Anamika Gupta

Hotel Mistywoods

I have worked with many different channel managers in my career and Bookingjini is amongst one of them which I always recommended to others.

Weekend Address

Surat | India

I have been using Bookingjini Products and Services for a quite long time now and to say we are quite happy towards their support. They do not fail to answer any of our concerns.

Ashapuri Village

Himachal Pradesh | India

All our guests are for life, Bookingjini Customer Relationship Management helped us to manage the entire journey of a customer and also by maintaining a relationship post-checkout.


Marketing Manager,KTDC

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