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Transform your website into Booking Magnet

A powerful and easy-to-use booking system that can be seamlessly integrated with your hotel's existing website.

Get started

Get a robust Booking Engine

Set up your Booking Engine in minutes.

Sell how you want

Set availability, rates, minimum stay, cancellation policies, offer partial payment and easily open and close sales dates.

Dynamic Pricing

Sell your rooms as per Market demand. Prices will update automatically based on predefined occupancy-based rules.

Create Public & Private offers

Using Public and Private offers you will be able to sell rooms without displaying rates visible to OTAs and your competitors.

Private Coupon

Foster Guest loyalty and create a direct relationship with your guests by sending Private Coupons.

Public Coupon

Increase your direct bookings by creating secret offers that become visible only to customers.

Up-Sell Other Services

Enrich your offering by providing additional services for your guests such as Spa treatments, transport and other activities.

Do even more with Bookingjini Integrations

Add features and functionality to your Booking Engine

From payments to social media marketing, the Bookingjini Integrations has over 100+ apps to help you sell, manage, and grow your hotel business.

“We love the Booking engine, they rightly call it intelligent Booking engine and we use it here daily. It is definitely one of the best time saving softwares we have used since a very long time.”

Andy Summers

General Manager | La Excotica

Know why Booking Engine is for the Hoteliers like you

We have tried to answer the most common frequently asked questions about Booking Engine.

Yes. Seeing as our booking engine software is custom-made it can be tailored to suit all kinds of Properties. If you run a BnB, Cottage, Hotel or any other accomodation business that requires Guests to make bookings and reservations, we can make sure you meet your needs and requirements.
Booking Engine is integrated with your CRS and Property management Software. The Booking Engine makes sure Customers can book what they are looking for in 3 Clicks of their Mouse. Jini Book is a Seamless Booking Engine as it stays in your own Domain.
You do not need to be a computer genius in order to use our Booking Engine Dashboard. If you need help getting to grips with the new system, we will provide you with a fully illustrated user manual and also offer on-going support.