Booking Engine for Hotels | Channel Manager for Hotels

Booking Engine for Hotels | Channel Manager for Hotels


Direct Booking

Online Bookings and Online Transactions. This has become the talk of the millennial’s. These have been doing the rounds in every market space and so has created its own space in the Hotel Industry. Nowadays everyone wants things on their fingertips…

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Channel Manager has been developed to assist the Hoteliers in their operations relating to reservation and bookings. It helps you to channelize the handling of your various OTA accounts from a single dashboard with the help of a Channel Manager….

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Go online! Go digital! This has been the cry for of the Industrial Sector since a few years and the Hospitality Sector has undergone major transformation due to this. Digitalism has really caught on to this sector because of which…

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There was a time when the reservation sales agents would be busy attending calls and catering to each and every query of the persons on the other side of the phone. But now this activity has almost become redundant since…

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There was a time when Facebook was considered as a great Social Media Marketing tool. A tool which will transform your way of doing business. But you might have missed the fact that its little sister has more ammunition in…

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People partly believe in word of mouth but when that word of mouth comes from an ‘influential’ person, it makes a difference. Influencers are the people who add a whole new perspective about your product or business into people’s mind….

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With the chilly winter breeze ceasing to numb you anymore, with flowers blooming, and with the hot sultry winds already beating against your face, it’s obvious that summer is here. Summer Season, a season which greets you with delicious food…

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Travel is an essential part of every person’s life. Every Human Being at some point of time in his life just wants to pack their bags and be off to some new place and explore that place. Human Beings travel…

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Visuals are what we need, Visuals are what we believe. It’s a time where people save each and every moment of their life in that smartphone of theirs or in their cameras. People have become such that they need to…

Channel ManagementDirect BookingMarketingSEOSocial MediaSocial Media TrendsTrends

Industrial trends change even by a minor ripple and they take the form of a wave which further defines the activities of that industry. The waves formed brings about such a revolution that it changes the entire face of the…

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